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Treatment Program for Myrmecophobia

Don’t let fear of ants hold you back anymore – meet it head on and start your journey to recovery right now for only USD 379.

Having fear of ants can be both terrifying and debilitating for many people, with the prospect of a panic attack often looming. The fear can lead to avoiding best practice health treatments and adverse health consequences may result.

Myrmecophobia treatment success is a stunning, high watermark achievement of modern clinical psychology. Success rates for well-designed modern evidence-based programs for Myrmecophobia can exceed 95%.

There is absolutely no need for anyone to suffer from fear of ants. Tragically, however, millions still do, often due to a lack of awareness or availability of these gold standard treatments.

The Phobia Solution Myrmecophobia Program was designed for people like you: normal, everyday people tired of letting fear rule their lives. And even if your fear isn’t stopping you from living your life, you may want to finally put it behind you and remove the confidence and self-esteem sapping background radiation of your fear.

Our help is no longer out of reach. It is available right here and now.

The Phobia Solution Myrmecophobia Program

We run a successful psychology clinic and have had great success in treating fear of ants for over a decade. We have lengthy waiting lists for our face-to-face therapy and want to share our Myrmecophobia program with the wider community.

We have called this cutting-edge Myrmecophobia program The Phobia Solution. They are meant to assist those without access or who can’t afford premium, cutting-edge clinical psychology services.

Backed up by years of thorough scientific research and testing by clinical psychologists

Like many others, you’ve probably tried many other methods to gain relief from fear of ants. They’ve likely not been backed up by substantial psychological research and testing and have had no long-term benefit. Sadly, this is a common experience. This is why we ensure our solutions are backed up by years of thorough scientific research and testing by clinical psychologists.

State-of-the-art Psychological Techniques​

We understand that the expense of seeing a qualified, world-class therapist, isn’t an option for many people, even if one were available in your area (and chances are they aren’t). This is why we ensure that our Myrmecophobia program provides the same guidance and state-of-the-art psychological techniques as therapy sessions with us – at a fraction of the cost. To overcome serious Myrmecophobia can take an average of 12 to 16 sessions in one-on-one, face-to-face treatment, which can equate to over $4,000 in therapy fees. The material in our Myrmecophobia program is the exact material we would take you through in our face-to-face sessions at a small fraction of the cost.

Simply work through the program in your spare time, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Our passion is seeing people’s lives change. We can’t wait for you to join  us!

Components of Our
Downloadable Program

Components of Our
Downloadable Program

Components of Our
Downloadable Program

Meet Angus Munro

Angus Munro
Angus Munro

The human mind is a fascinating place and Angus has spent years studying its intricacies and learning about how it shapes the human experience.

Angus Munro is a registered clinical psychologist in Sydney and director of the team behind The Phobia Solution. The body of knowledge related to phobia in the field of psychology has grown significantly in recent years and today we, as clinical psychologists have some extraordinary tools available to help people overcome their phobias and live better, more fulfilling lives.

Watching a life change right in front of you is an incredible experience. Witnessing this evolution in phobia clients has been a daily reminder of why mental health care is so very important to living life to the fullest.

As part of his interest in anxiety, he has conducted research into individual factors that may influence treatment outcome in phobia and anxiety in general.


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Many people are afraid of ants, but if that fear causes you significant distress, or if it stops you from being able to do things you want to, then you may suffer from Myrmecophobia.

Anyone who has Myrmecophobia can use this program successfully, regardless of your age, your location, your level of education and the severity of your fear of ants. Our down to earth program will explain all the key psychological ideas in simple terms and give you detailed practical instructions for every step of the journey.

The main technique used in this program is called exposure. Exposure means gradually confronting the different things you fear in a safe and controlled way until you no longer feel afraid of them. With the unique “Find a Five” technique used in this program, you will never have to face your worst nightmares – we will only ask you to face moderate or “five out of ten” fear levels. Research has shown that this is all that’s required to produce lasting change.

We will also look at some tips for identifying and changing the way you think, go through some imagery and visualization exercises, look at the ways mindfulness can help you accept and manage your emotions, and take a look at the role of self-compassion in reducing your fear. The benefits of this extra content will help in conquering your fear of ants and may even leave you as a stronger and more secure person than you were before you developed your phobia!

The technique of exposure is the most widely accepted method for treating phobias and has a high success rate in treating all kinds of fears. As long as you stick to your exposure exercises and take the messages in this program to heart, you should see a significant reduction in your symptoms.

Qualified therapists and clinical psychologists can be very helpful in treating phobias and all other forms of anxiety. However, not everyone has access to a high-quality, trained therapist – whether due to time and financial constraints or their location.

This program was designed with those people in mind, using the knowledge and experience of a team of leading clinical psychologists. The principles discussed in this program are identical to those you would get from a world-class therapist, and the program is structured in the same way a weekly face-to-face therapy session would be. So even if you can’t access a therapist, you can get a virtually identical experience from this program.

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Don't just take our word for it.

"I have dealt with a phobia for many years now. I have lost friendships, missed deadlines, missed many business and personal opportunities. I’ve missed out on creating new friendships and being involved in an abundance of fun experiences.

I was offered a path to freedom. I was presented with a programme designed to assist me with reducing my fear and anxieties. A well-written and easy-to-follow programme designed to do at home, at my own pace. I found it engaging, and the exercises were not only valuable, yet fun.

It hasn't been a super easy path to take, and "Finding a Five" each day started out daunting and admittedly terrifying, yet through perseverance, it slowly began to work. And it's WORKING!!!

This program will assist anyone with the dedication, willingness and drive to head this face on. I cannot express how wonderful this programme is. It has sincerely changed my life!!! I cannot thank you enough!

To the creator of this program, I am so truly grateful and thankful. My heart has so much gratitude to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

K - .

Phobia Treatment Program
Treatment Program Manual
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