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Phobia treatment success is a stunning, high watermark achievement of modern clinical psychology. Success rates for well-designed modern evidence-based programs can exceed 95%. There is absolutely no need for anyone to suffer from phobias in the modern world. However, tragically that remains the case, often due to a lack of awareness and availability of these gold standard treatments.

1 in 8 people in the world have a phobic fear that is at clinical or subclinical level. For some, crippling cause of deep psychological suffering. For others, a background psychological ache that is always there.

The good news – you can finally put this behind you.

We run a successful psychology clinic and have had great success treating phobias for over a decade. We have lengthy waiting lists for face to face therapy and wanted to share our programs with the wider community. We have called these cutting-edge phobia programs The Phobia Solution, to provide those without access or who can’t afford premium, cutting-edge clinical psychology services.

While we are unable to meet the majority of our clients in person – our help is no longer out of reach. It is available right here and now.

Like many others, you’ve probably tried a lot of other methods, with little scientific research and testing, and with no long-term benefit – sadly this is a common experience. This is why we ensure that our solutions have years of being  thoroughly scientifically tested, researched. Follow the footsteps of hundreds of people who have successfully come through the other side and left their phobia behind. 

We understand the expense of seeing a qualified, world-class therapist isn’t an option for many people. Even if one were available in your area and chances are they aren’t. This is why we ensure our program provides the same guidance and state of the art psychological techniques as a therapy session with us – at a fraction of the cost. Simply work through the program in your spare time, from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Our passion is seeing people’s lives change and we can’t wait for you to join us!

List of our

Phobia Programs

The Phobia Solution was designed for people just like you: normal, everyday people tired of letting fear rule their lives. And even if your fear isn't stopping you live your life, you may want to finally put it behind you and remove the confidence and self-esteem sapping background radiation of your fear.

With a little work, commitment and time, you can finally move beyond your phobia with our cutting-edge programs. Developed by an expert team of clinical psychologists, our comprehensive programs give you all the tools you need.

See below the types of phobias The Phobia Solution is designed to treat.

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The Phobia Solution
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